Travel health FAQ

How much time do I need before my travel to get a vaccine?

It depends on the vaccines, since they can be administered in more than one visit. Ideally, you should consult Promedic 6 to 9 weeks prior to your departure.

I’m going to a sun destination. What vaccinations do I need?

For the most popular sun destinations, we recommend that you update your basic vaccinations, in addition to the specific vaccinations required for your destination (yellow fever, meningitis, etc.).  Other vaccines are optional and aim to protect your health (hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever, etc.)

Can I get sick or suffer from side effects?

This occurs rarely.  However, during your visit, you will be informed about the potential side effects of the vaccines you will receive.

I am sick. Can I get vaccinated?

In general, a mild infection with no fever, like a cold, is not a contraindication.  In cases of more serious diseases or if you take prescribed medication, our personnel will advise you.

Is it true that medications against malaria have side effects?

Since no vaccine currently exists to prevent malaria, it is recommended that you take medication against this disease.  Most people tolerate this medication well.  CAUTION: this medication must be started prior to your trip.

Moreover, Promedic’s staff will give you advice so you can avoid insect bites.

Can vaccine fees be covered by private health insurances?

Yes, in most cases.

Can children also receive travel vaccines?

Children’s health is as fragile as adults’ health.  Hence, we recommend that all family members get the appropriate protection for the destination.

I am pregnant. Can I get vaccinated?

Since pregnancy predisposes to certain health problems that are more serious abroad, it is essential to consult our experts to receive an evaluation.  Some vaccines and medications are indicated, but others can have negative side effects and should consequently be avoided.

I am highly susceptible to contracting traveler’s diarrhea. What can I do?

During your consultation, you will receive advice on how to prevent diarrhea and a prescription for drugs to treat diarrhea if it is appropriate for your particular case.  An oral vaccine against traveler’s diarrhea also exists.

Are there particular precautions to be taken even if I go on a luxury cruise?

You are not immune to contracting any disease, including during your land excursions offered as part of the cruise.  Consequently, it is better to consult.

I was born abroad and I’m going back to visit my family. Do I need a consultation?

If you have been in Canada for several years, the immunity you developed for certain diseases may have substantially diminished.  Hence, you should consult a doctor, especially if you are planning to reside with your family rather than in a hotel.