Onsite Blood Testing

Blood Tests in Businesses

entrepriseIf we offered you the benefit of a complete blood collection center in your workplace without additional fees, would you take advantage of it? Promedic gives businesses like yours access to health professionals who will come to your office and administer blood and urine tests to carry out a health assessment for your employees.
Your workers will get the results of their blood tests and urine analysis conducted in their workplace 24 h later! We even offer an exclusive workplace blood test service to detect allergies.

Workplace Blood and Urine Tests

The blood tests make it possible to detect diseases as soon as they occur and remedy them quickly. Such a preventive measure can even save lives. Moreover, blood and urine tests in the workplace are covered by most employees’ health insurance policies. We will make sure that you receive all the reimbursements you are entitled to for all your tests.

Our team of nurses accredited by Health Canada conduct all types of blood tests and analyses in the workplace. Call 1-888-91-SANTÉ now or visit our website to book your appointment !