Travel Health in Schools

Vaccination in Schools: An Action That Makes Sense Offered Exclusively by Promedic

Travel Health in SchoolsVaccination in the school environment is a preventive action adopted by all public and private educational institutions concerned about their students’ health. Promedic has mastered the management of all aspects related to travel health to the extent that a growing number of schools call its specialized nurses.

We are the only ones offering a turnkey service in Quebec through our vaccination clinics in the school environment.Promedic health professionals

Travel Health – Vaccination Clinics in the School Environment

We take care of everything: our travel health professionals will come to your educational institution to inform students about the vaccines appropriate for their destination. Following recommendations for the prevention of the risks of diseases during the travel aboard, our nurses will proceed to the vaccination of all students on site, no matter their number.

Let us protect your students and assure their parents’ peace of mind and your own! Book an appointment now and ensure that the students leave and return healthy!