Who Are We?

Complete Medical Services Throughout Quebec

Promedic is a Quebec business founded in 2008 which provides complete medical services to patients, pharmacies, schools, businesses and seniors’ residences throughout Quebec. Our accredited health professionals offer high quality health care and advice.

Mobile Blood Sampling Laboratory

Our mobile medical laboratory for blood collection offers you all the flexibility you need to make life easier everywhere in Quebec.

Blood Collection Center

Our blood collection center, which operates in the workplace, at the clinic and at home, provides the flexibility and the speed businesses and patients seek. Our blood sampling services and urine tests are offered at home in all Quebec regions free of charge.

Health and Immunization Services for Travellers

Our specialists, accredited by the Quebec Immunization Protocol, administer travel and influenza vaccinations on site, as well as travel health services comprising personalized advice.

The workplace influenza vaccination is administered by our nurses who are certified by the Quebec Immunization Protocol. Thanks to our travel and influenza vaccination services, individuals and employees from Quebec organizations benefit from effective protection locally and abroad. Our school-based vaccination clinic accredited by Health Canada allows our health professionals to go into schools and inform students on the risks associated with their destination abroad.